My Fourth Age - Time of Completion

A Future Under Construction


“What We Do In Life … Echoes In Eternity” ~ Maximus Decimus Meridius


In my Fourth Age I will review and revel in the fullness of my life with “no regrets” and prepare for whatever comes next. As I approach this age I have an ever more heightened awareness and growing acceptance of my mortality that leads me to the peace and joy of surrender. All of my life is in one sense a preparation and prelude for this approaching stage of life. Therefore, by growing to my full potential and living fully in my Third Age I will enter even more completely and wholly this stage of completion. But not yet.

To paraphrase Thoreau, an examined life is a life worth living. And choices that arise from that examination lead us not only to survive but to fully thrive as we grow into the wisdom and fulfillment of that exploration.

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