My First Age - Time of Preparation

In this barren e-landscape, during our time of turmoil, fear and uncertainty, emerges a voice of reason, of strength and hope. A man of vision and a lifetime subscriber to Digital Dweeb magazine, no – not Barrack Obama – this ePortfolio belongs to Michael Thompson.

Born in Oklahoma City, Mike has been steadily growing older ever since, without actually reaching maturity. Educated during the previous century at the University of Central Oklahoma, he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and a Master of Arts in Political Science graduating summa cum laude. After writing lengthy sentences and papers that were hailed by professors and critics alike as containing a tremendous amount of meaningless words and spaces, Oklahoma City University awarded him a Juris Doctor with honors. In this land of excessive consonants, Mike distinguished himself by indulging in heaven only knows what kind of carousing and not getting in nearly as much trouble as he could, should or would.


Following a storied and fabled career in public service, Mike started his career in higher education teaching law in Oklahoma City. Moving to Colby College and the Social Science Division in 2001, he has remained ever since, although he seldom answers his phone.

Mike’s accomplishments, honors and awards are too few to mention, even here. Yet, another indication of the worsening drug crisis. Still, it is his actions that speak volumes and bring to life his unique perspective on higher education and criminal justice. Unusual attendance patterns, creative assignment completion and imaginative use of excuses are his trademarks.

"Each of us can serve as a leader. And one leader creates another and another, ad infinitum, just as one candle’s flame light another and another, until once-impenetrable darkness has turned into brilliant light. Leadership is an action, not a position." Col. CGG Mathews

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