My Second Age - Time of Achievement

Law Enforcement


"Try as we may to fathom what being a police officer is like, most of us cannot do it. We cannot measure all those lesser sacrifices that go with the job: the missed anniversaries and birthdays, the family dinners with one chair vacant, the Little League games when Officer Dad or Officer Mom is not there, the times when the family creeps around the house as the officer parent sleeps off a night shift." Tom Hennessy, Long Beach Press Telegram


Most people find it a novelty to have a friend who is a police officer. They were as apt to introduce me not as Mike, but as "My friend, Mike. He's a cop." What followed was usually unpleasant. Inevitably, you're going to hear about every rude cop they ever met and every ticket they got that wasn't deserved. Then comes the usual question: "Have you ever shot anybody" Most people learn about policing from the media. In the entertainment industry, law enforcement is the No. 1 topic. People look at movies and TV shows and think that's real. This perception even extends to the cops themselves.

Yet for all the problems of being an officer on duty and off I consider myself a lucky man. It's the greatest job in the world. It is a front row seat to the greatest show on earth. I retired after 20 years and I wouldn't trade my experiences, friendships and memories for anything. - Captain Michael Thompson, Retired.


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