My Third Age - Time of Fulfillment

Academic Career


My first experience with teaching was in the Police Academy. I had gone through Instructor Development training and fulfilled the requirements to be certified as an Academy Instructor way back in 1983. I began teaching legal seminars in 1996 and enjoyed the change so much that by 2000 I had begun teaching law to a very eclectic group of students at City College. In 2001, tired of the competitive blur of big-city life, I decided to try a move to rural northwest Kansas — a major cultural change. I began teaching and administering the Criminal Justice Program at Colby Community College. The Program was in danger of being discontinued, I was asked by Dr. Mikel Ary, then CCC President, to see if it could be salvaged.

I saw that this Program needed an infusion of modernization. It lacked depth, a few adjustments to the curriculum, some help from other faculty members and the Program grew rapidly. A few years later Friends University opened an Outreach campus in Colby and asked me to join them as an adjunct professor teaching social research, statistics and some culturally based courses. It was a welcomed change. I was now interacting with a wide spectrum of students from the young community college student, to the research oriented adult learner.

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