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Travel Studies


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It was St. Augustine who said, "The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

I have been fortunate to have many experiences and adventures in my life and I believe in sharing my experiences, expertise and enthusiasm in soft adventure and educational travel with as many people as I possibly can. For me, an adventurous lifestyle means to grow through passion, challenge and risk taking. It's about learning to look at the world through curious eyes—to wonder what's on the other side of the mountain—and allowing wanderlust to become your guide.


Encounter Expeditions was born in 2001, when I banded together with a group of dedicated, adventurous college faculty who wanted to promote experiential learning that involved the type of travel that we loved to do ourselves and were passionate about. Over the years our passion for this kind of travel has been contagious and it is the foundation for Encounter Expeditions. Our students earn graduate and undergraduate credits from the colleges and universities that collaborate with us.

We have been committed to offering unbiased, experiential tours to people just like us. We are a culture of travelers who are passionate about the experience of traveling and the importance of immersing oneself in the region or country we are visiting to better learn to appreciate it’s people, cultures, flora, fauna and wildlife.

Students on our travel study expeditions work hard and play hard; the intimacy of our adventurous pursuits allow them to see, hear, taste, and smell more intensely. We are constantly striving to offer the best experiences with a variety of destinations after all isn't this what education is ultimately.

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Experience, Discover, Explore

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." Mark Twain


Educational and Soft Adventure Tours


Our students break free from the classroom and find real-life lessons in the world around them. Encounter Expedition's educational tours offer the value, knowledge, reliability and support that set our Expeditions apart. We incorporate a variety of details into each itinerary that highlight the historic landmarks and traditional customs of each region. Extras, such as theater tickets, river cruises and themed dinners-give our travelers greater insight into local culture. These students get an insider's guide to each destination through the expertise of our Tour Directors and local guides who share their knowledge and experience to ensure the students get an authentic look at each place we visit.

We strive to provide a balance of educational visits and cultural experiences to raise curiousity. We include soft adventure and recreational activities because learning should be fun.


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