My Third Age - Time of Fulfillment



instructing Students with technology for educational progress


"Innovative classrooms are not defined by fixed places but by their spirit of curiosity and collaboration among the learners." Unknown

After some ten years on the merry-go-round of teaching I found myself feeling less enthusiastic. I wanted more depth in our approach to student learning, involvement with the textual material, more discussion, and more engagement from the students. I felt that my own teaching could become dangerously disengaged. To make a long story short, after so many years of teaching, I have somehow come up with the brass ring. I was asked to join with Krista Carter, M.Ed., and work toward moving Colby Community College into the 21st century of learning by studying, researching and incorporating Instructional Technology into our curriculum and making it a part of our culture. iStep was created, the Delta Star Academy would soon follow.

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