Welcome to Dr. Michael Thompson's ePortfolio Wiki!

This wiki site will provide you with the information and resources you need to get to know Dr. Michael Thompson, Program Director of the Colby College Criminal Justice Program. You might be asking, "Why an ePortfolio?" ePortfolios are one of the hottest educational tools sweeping the country. At colleges and universities around the nation, faculty members, such as myself, are participating in a digital revolution as they create websites that represent their educational goals and achievements. I believe that the ePortfolio environment offers our students, faculty and alumni a powerful means of authorship and ownership of their education, skills and experience.

By using digital media, I can make a far greater professional impression with an ePortfolio than with just a paper-based application and resumé. This wiki site allows me to create a professional ePortfolio and separate my social internet presence from my professional internet presence. Students, faculty and alumni can create and customize portfolios for academic, career, or personal uses; maintain their plan of study; and share their work, goals, and achievements with advisors, career counselors, and employers. As such I promote the use of ePortfolios by setting an example for others.

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